October 2013

Perfect Timing

“Spring forward, fall back.”  It’s that time again… fall back time!

It’s also probably time for your antique clock to have a regular check up. The delicate mechanism of an antique clock does not like changes in temperature and humidity. You may notice that your old clock is a little sluggish or has stopped completely now that cooler weather is here.  Is your clock keeping accurate time?  Is the chime in sync?  Have you heard any sudden popping sounds inside the case?  All these are signs of a sick ticker.


How to Avoid Seven Years Bad Luck

Mirrors are beautiful.  They add style and drama to any setting.  Mirrors add the illusion of space and amplify light in a room.  But, if you don’t use the proper tools for hanging that heavy mirror, chances are good that it will come crashing to the  floor.  What a waste!  So preventable.