More Silver, Less Polishing!

Today I want to show you how I store my personal silver and silver plate.  If you are expecting something complicated and fancy, you will be very disappointed!  To use silver in real life, it has to be simple.  Who has time to polish silver?  Not me.  

I hear people say all the time that they will not purchase sterling or silver plate because it tarnishes.  If left out and exposed to air for a period of time, it will tarnish. However, if you use it as needed and store it properly, you will hardly ever have to polish it.

I am going to show you a few pieces of sterling and silver plate that I use often and then store away after my dinner or event.  I rarely polish these pieces, and when I do, it is normally just to remove a small tarnish spot.

I use Pacific Silver Cloth to store my pieces.  I used this source to order my cloth.  You can buy it by the yard.  Use the instructions on their site to decide how much you will need.  I will show you below how simple it is to make your own pouches.  But, first, I will show you some pieces I use very often.

The trusty bread tray:  If you eat dinner at my house, it's a sure bet the bread tray is coming out.  I use this piece more often than any other; therefore, you will notice scratches.

Oval Silver Plate Bread Tray

I use the following small sterling serving pieces all the time.  You have to be careful with pieces such as a pickle or lemon fork.  Vinegar and citrus tarnish your pieces very quickly and can cause tarnish pits that break down your silver plate if not washed off promptly and properly.  I keep a bowl of water next to my sink and throw these pieces in promptly after the event until I can wash them properly.

Gorham "Camellia" Cream Ladle, Pickle Fork, Bon Bon Spoon

Use your sterling!  Please!  Why have it if you're not going to use it?  If you store it in a proper sterling storage box lined with silver cloth, you will hardly ever have to polish it.  

Gorham "Camellia"

I like to scatter bon bon and nut dishes around when I have a party.  They are so pretty and add that special touch.

These are the pieces I use the most. And who labels their pieces?  Well, me, because I'm weird like that.  I spent an entire day looking all of these up one day, so I placed a card inside each silver pouch so I can remember the pattern and the description of the piece.  Now, how do you make these pouches?  You will find detailed instructions on the silver cloth website.  However, I will show you one of mine so you can get the idea:

I first laid out my silver dish on my cloth and, basically, wrapped it over once to make sure it would cover my dish.  I then sewed a simple seam on both sides, leaving a longer end for my flap.  Once that was done, I used sticky-back Velcro and stitched it into place.  Very simple.  Now, there are instructions on how to measure via the silver cloth site, but this way is quick and easy for flat pieces, such as trays, etc.  I did have a few bowls that were a little trickier, so I used their instructions for those. The bowls and gravy boat required me to make a hem at the top of the pouch that I was then able to thread a ribbon through and tie together.  You can also purchase pre-made pouches.  I opted to make my own to save on the cost.



With a little time making your pouches and a little thoughtfulness in storing your items, you will be able to enjoy these beautiful sterling and silver plate pieces at all of your future events.  Let me know in the comments if you plan to try this!

Happy Sewing!


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