The Elusive Flower Room

Somewhere around five years, I visited the Hills & Dales estate in LaGrange, Georgia.  We were on a trip to Callaway Gardens, a favorite getaway spot for our family. Some people like to go to the beach or relax by the pool while on a trip.  I like to find old houses available for touring.  

Photo Source:  Hills & Dales 

On this vacation, I came across the home of the Callaway family and decided to check it out.  They wouldn't allow you to take pictures inside of the home, so I will have to share mostly from memory.  Everything about the home was exquisite.  However, one thing caught my eye above everything else:  Mrs. Callaway had a flower room.  Yes! A flower room!  It was painted leaf green; walls, cabinets, and all.  There was what appeared to be a stainless steel island in the middle of the room.  I was thinking to myself how lucky this lady was to have a place to re-pot her plants and arrange her flowers and to store all of the vases and supplies that go along with this love she and I both share.

I tucked this "dream" away in my mind until one day I opened one of my latest design magazines and see that Charlotte Moss has an almost identical flower room to the one at Hills & Dales Estate.  I could hardly contain myself!  Of course, hers is updated and more fantastic in every way.  It is painted the same leaf green and has ample open storage, awesome countertop space, hanging baskets, and a beautiful sink.  I keep these photos tucked away in my dream file, but today, I am happy to share these beautiful photos with you!

Photo Source: Hamptons Magazine

The green color is what makes the room!  It sets it apart as a workspace and allows the colors of the flowers and the containers to shine through.

Photo Source:  Hamptons Magazine

And as if I'm not coveting this room enough, look at all of her gardening books!  I thought I had too many...

Photo Source:  Hamptons Magazine

Photo Source:  Veranda

Zinc countertops and sink:  Yes, please!  The green mixed with the metal countertops; I can't think of a better backdrop for her porcelain containers, plants and flowers. 

Photo Source:  Veranda

So for now, I will keep dreaming about my leaf-green flower room... Maybe we don't need that pool house after all?

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