Christmas at Montgomery Antiques: How We Put the Front Display Together

One of my favorite things we do at Montgomery Antiques & Interiors is change out our front store display.  We take items from different dealer spaces and combine them to create a vignette.  This year for Christmas, Jana Michaud, our special events coordinator, and I collaborated in order to make sure the front display matched the color scheme she used to decorate the shop for Christmas. Jana chose the teal and silver scheme.  She used peacock feathers and bright teal ribbon, along with strands of silver and complementing ornaments.

From this scheme, I decided to go very simple by using white in the window display.  However, I didn't want everything to be white, and I wanted to mix fine antiques with newer interiors to achieve the setting I had in mind.  

Giclee' Print and Small Art: Willow's View; Coffee Table and Sideboard: Pickwick Antiques; Sofa, WM&Co.; Pillows, French Chair, Salon Table, Nativity: Tiffany Interiors; Sconces:  LampWorks; Mercury Glass, Lamp and French Chair:  Unicorn Shop; Staffordshire and Black and White Drawings:  Legends; Lamps:  Frankie Edwards; Antique Print, Monkey Business; Waterford Candlesticks:  Grant Antiques 

To achieve this mix, I decided to mix mahogany furniture with the pure white.  I chose pieces with simple, dainty lines.  For artwork, I decided we would go very modern over the sofa; however, we chose simple antique hand-drawings in black and white with minor strokes of color to complete the look.  

On the Sideboard, A Boehm Bisque Porcelain Nativity Set

This was such a fun collaboration with Jana!  She is already dreaming up what color scheme we will use next year... 

Happy Christmas Decorating!


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